Joseph Lavigne

Joseph Lavigne

Joseph Lavigne is a founder and editor of the Trade Secret Insider and is a lead partner for Jones Walker’s Trade Secret Non-Compete Team. He has years of experience litigating trade secret, non-compete, computer fraud, and unfair competition cases — in both federal and state courts. Several of these cases established Louisiana’s law on trade secrets and non-competes. He also actively advises clients on how to protect their trade secrets and retain key personnel, as well as ways to avoid liability when hiring key personnel from a competitor. Mr. Lavigne can be reached at or 504.582.8610.

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Federal Trade Secrets Bill Passes Senate

On Monday, the Senate unanimously passed the Defend Trade Secrets Act (“DTSA”) — a bill that would allow companies to pursue trade secret theft through civil litigation in federal court. This long-awaited measure is a major step towards elevating trade secrets to the level of federal protection enjoyed by the other intellectual property, such as patents, … Continue Reading

Tips For Protecting Against Unfair Competition From Within

This is Part One in a three-part series on preventing unfair competition and trade secret theft by former employees.   It’s an all too familiar story. A company spends substantial time and money training employees to run and manage a specific business division. The employees receive access to the company’s confidential information—customer contacts, pricing information, … Continue Reading