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Whit Rayner is an author for the Trade Secret Insider and is a partner in the firm’s Jackson office. His practice focuses on copyright and trademark registration and protection, software licensing, and intellectual property litigation and prosecution, including cases involving trade secret theft and protections. He also represents financial institutions in commercial litigation and contract disputes. Whit frequently speaks on trade secret and intellectual property issues, authored the Intellectual Property Section of West Publishing’s Encyclopedia of Mississippi Law, and is the Mississippi editor of State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law; and Practical Law’s Mississippi chapters of Trademark Law and Right of Publicity Law. He can be reached at wrayner@joneswalker.com or 601.949.4724.

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U.S. Supreme Court To Review Fifth Circuit CFAA Decision

We frequently discuss the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”), which prohibits obtaining information from protected computers through unauthorized access or access that exceeds such authorization. Violating the CFAA can have serious consequences, as the statute carries both criminal and civil penalties. But must a defendant obtain information through unauthorized access and exceed authorized access? Ordinarily not. Yet … Continue Reading

Protecting Trade Secrets Furnished To The Government

Picture this situation:  your company is submitting a bid on a public contract, whether a technology acquisition, software development project, construction project, insurance quote, or financial services contract, to name but a few.  Or picture responding to state and federal regulatory authorities that require disclosing company information concerning approval and licensing of your gaming establishment … Continue Reading